Charitable Donation Request Form

Any group or agency outside of UW Athletics requesting student-athlete(s) participation in a promotional activity must complete this form and submit it FOUR TO SIX WEEK PRIOR TO EVENT. If you have any questions, please contact Joe Thompson, at 608.262.7425 or

Guidelines for Charitable Donations

The University of Wisconsin is fortunate to be able to donate numerous items to non-profit organizations each year. However, due to high demand, not all requests can be fulfilled. If you are a Wisconsin-based organization and would like to request a donation of autographed memorabilia, please mail your request and include the following: the day of your event, the location of your event and who benefits from the money being raised during your event.

Please be aware of the following guidelines:

  • Donations are limited to those organizations located within the state of Wisconsin.
  • All requests must be received 4-6 weeks in advance of the event.
  • Your organization is only able to receive one donation per calendar year
  • The University of Wisconsin has the right to refuse any donation request. Due to the large number of requests, not all requests will be fulfilled.
  • NCAA guidelines prohibit the University of Wisconsin from making donations to any organizations or events that support high school aged students.
  • Due to high demand and limited availability, tickets to football, men’s basketball and men’s hockey are not available for donation.
  • We are unable to consider faxed requests.

Autograph/photo of an ATHLETE: We are unable offer the sale of photographs of any athletes with current eligibility. You may view the Badger Photos Fan Site at Badger Photos for purchasing information about any other photos you may find interesting. In addition, there is a Photos link on some individual sports’ main pages.

All fields are required

Name of the requesting organization/agency:  
Contact Name  
Contact phone number:  
Email address:    
Address line 1:  
Address line 2:  
Date of Event:  
What specifically are you requesting?  
If the donated item or the signature on the item will be used to raise funds for an event, who would benefit from these raised funds?  
If children and/or young adults would be beneficiaries of the raised funds, please include the grade of classes of the children/young adults  
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