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Wisconsin Athletics is committed to providing opportunities for our student-athletes to learn and pursue areas of social relevance while responding to the needs of the greater Madison community.

To best serve the needs of our community and fans, we have concentrated our philanthropic efforts and the Badgers Give Back program around the following areas: Education, Mentorship, Helping Hand and Health & Wellness.

UW Athletics supports these initiatives through student-athlete volunteerism and in-kind donations. During the 2013-2014 academic year, UW student-athletes volunteered 8,130 hours of their time to community service events, activities and projects.

We are proud to support organizations and groups that are working to raise awareness and funding for programs related to these initiatives. If you are interested in having a UW student-athlete appear at your charitable event, please fill out the request form below.

Any group or agency outside of UW Athletics requesting student-athlete(s) participation in a promotional activity must complete this form and submit it TWO WEEKS PRIOR TO THE EVENT. If you have any questions, please contact the UW Athletics Office of Community Relations at uwcommunityrelations@athletics.wisc.edu or (608)-262-5753.

Although every request may not be approved, requests that meet the following conditions are most likely to be considered for approval:

  • Events, activities or projects mainly hosted by a charitable, educational, institutional or non-profit agency
  • Events, activities or projects located within 30 miles of the UW-Madison campus. Events held outside a 30-mile radius of campus may request a conference with a UW student-athlete via Skype
    Please note: Events further than 30 miles may be considered for special approval on a case-by-case basis
  • Requests submitted at least 2 weeks before the event, activity or project is scheduled
  • Events, activities, or projects that will not be advertised or promoted using co-sponsorship from a commercial entity beyond reproduction of company logo or registered trademark free of slogans, personal messages or names
    Please note:
    • Company contact information may be included along with a logo or registered trademark
    • For events co-sponsored or promoted by commercial entities, please include any available draft of advertisements to ensure the event complies with NCAA rules and regulations
  • Fundraising events, activities or projects that give 100% of proceeds directly to UW-Madison, the Big Ten Conference or a charitable, educational or non-profit agency
  • Requests that include specific dates and times of events, activities or projects so that the Office of Community Relations may verify that a student-athlete will not miss class to volunteer
  • Requests that ensure student-athlete volunteers will not receive an award or reward for participation in any event, activity or project
    Please note:
    • On occasion, objects such as a t-shirt or small meal may be permissible. If a student-athlete is likely to receive any similar object, please include such information on the request form

Please Note:

  • Due to the volume of requests received, the UW Athletics Office of Community Relations staff is unable to discuss an event or provide an update on the status of a request more than two weeks prior to the event (regardless of when the request was submitted).
  • Submitting a request does not guarantee an appearance from a UW student-athlete. The schedules of our student-athletes are extraordinarily full and ever-changing. A back-up plan is strongly encouraged should a request not be fulfilled.
  • Because our student-athletes' schedules change on very short notice, the UW Athletics Office of Community Relations staff may be unable to confirm attendance until TWO DAYS prior to your event. Please plan accordingly.
  • The standard appearance by our UW student-athletes is up to two hours per occurrence. Should an additional time commitment be desired, please provide detailed rationale in the "Please share any other information you deem necessary..." field near the bottom of the request form.
  • A date(s) and time(s) MUST be specified on the request form for potential consideration.

Thank you for your interest in an appearance by our UW student-athletes. We appreciate your attention to the above guidelines.

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Beginning time appearance requested: :
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Specific sport(s) requested (3 max):

What are the duties of the student-athletes?*  
Age range of the participants*: from:   to   yrs old
Expected Number of event attendees*?  
Purpose of event*:  

Will money be raised for this event?

If yes, what will be the money be used for?

Does this activity involve co-sponsorship, advertisement or promotion by a commercial agency?

If yes, how is the commercial agency involved?
Describe any advertisement used?
Please email any advertisement, trademark or logo used to kgross@athletics.wisc.edu with your event title in the subject line.
What expenses, if any, will the student-athlete receive*?  
Please share any other information you deem necessary, which may include a brief description of exactly what will take place at this event.
UW student athletes are required to adhere to guidelines set forth by the NCAA and the Big Ten regarding their volunteer activities. Failure to comply with their volunteer activities may result in the forfeiting of teams competitions, the loss of an athletic scholarships, or penalties to the individual student-athlete (s) and their team(s). for this reason we ask that you read the brief paragraph of the athletic department guidelines.

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